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Strategy, why not?

Everyone says they have one, everyone says they are implementing it, but are they actually doing it?

Gartner says in The CIO's Role in Executing Enterprise Strategy publication that approximately 90% of enterprises fail to execute their strategies, but why?

Moving a strategy requires effective focus and governance.

Currently, CIO's have a huge and heavy workload with their operations.

The company can't stop, but at the same time needs to grow, and IT must move in the same direction.

The enterprise leaders need to take a more critical look, invest in governance, program and projects to decrease the chasm between what they think they are doing and effectively do.

Business leaders consider the company's IT department as a problem to solve.

Behind the scenes, strategy execution is not a failure of the strategies themselves, but how they are conducted.

It is up to the CIO to change its attitude, to be closer to business strategy and less operation.

This challenge is not easy, first the CIO needs to recognize that needs help.

Calling all vendors, is not the best idea. This task requires a pre-work , and the IT leader must be prepared to listen to them. Knowing what you want, aligned with business strategy is the first step.

CIOs have no choice but to develop leadership skills, or no one will do it for them.

Evandro S. Silva – CSO at DC2C

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